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From eggs-over-light for breakfast and delectable deli sandwiches for lunch… to savory sushi or Cajun catfish for dinner, the food court’s over 35 diverse cuisines serve something to suit every taste. Diners may eat in at the 4,000+ seating court, or place orders to go.


CHEZ EDY (click to open)

European Cafe
Contact: 01277877668

MAKANI (click to open)


Contact: 01281000192
50 LE minimum plus karaoke Mon & Wed.

SET HOSNIA (click to open)

Oriental food
Contact : 01281000192

ANDREA (click to open)

Contact : 01011132342

HOLA CAFE (click to open)

Spanish Cafe
TEL : 01271303030

Minimum 50LE Thur/Fri/Sat

CHEZ LULLI (click to open)

Family area
Contact : 01005493148
Minimum 75 LE Thur/Fri/Sat



MAZEZAMEZ(click to open)

Contact : 01094470000

MAMMA MIA (click to open)

Pasta, Crepe
TEL : 0196444457
Minimum 75LE Thur/Fri/Sat.


DAR EL AMAR (click to open)

Lebanese food
TEL 1:  24140933
TEL 2: 24140966

FIG (click to open)

European Cafe
Contact : 01140441458

SPECTRA (click to open)

Italian food
contact: 22698767

CARPACCIO (click to open)

European Cafe
TEL : 01285580222
Minimum : 50LE at night everyday. and 75LE on the weekend


European Cafe
Contact : 01016004995

CHAPLIN (click to open)

European Cafe
TEL : 01062335175

PICCADILLY (click to open)

European Cafe
Contact : 01002022202 / 0107007004
No minimum

KIDZO (click to open)

kids area

GENNARO (click to open)

European Cafe
TEL : 01121522262 / 01061021206/01282098491
Minimum : 50LE Thur/Fri/Sat/Tuse karaoke

GARAGE (click to open)

Italian Bikers Restaurant
Contact : 01117645633

ON WOOD(click to open)

European Cafe
Contact : 01001590219

STEAK OUT (click to open)

Contact : 01023099422 / 01126797616 / 01000026906

FAGNON (click to open)


THE VIEW (click to open)

Contact : 01020772157

BAHE (click to open)

Contact : 01271303030

I SMILE(click to open)

Cafe and PlayStation
TEL :01060851119

LA POIRE (click to open)


LA POIRE CAFE (click to open)


BELLA (click to open)

Contact : 01021409994

FALOOKA LOUNGE (click to open)

Contact : 01006664028

FOGAZA (click to open)

Contact : 01020203440

KASTAN (click to open)

Contact : 01208656560

LAYLI ZAMAN (click to open)

Contact : 01115275593